Hard Limits

by Fetish Gear

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released January 3, 2017

Music and Lyrics by Fetish Gear.
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered with the gracious assistance of Jesse Mowery at Nicky's House in Southside.



all rights reserved


Fetish Gear Richmond, Virginia

we have issues.

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Track Name: you got me fucked up
remember my eyes
remember me?
a directionless life of lies
all the water inside of me dried
remember when i was empty inside?
remember when i was looking in your eyes?
you said i was worthless
remember me?
it was your choice to dangle my dignity over my head
well i've got a life now and you're dead to me
you got me fucked up
Track Name: out of the mouth of babes
what you're anticipating will be worth the waiting
if trouble is what you want
we can tear up the streets
we can stomp the hearts
what do you say?
out of the mouth of babes
take me into your fire tonight
i wanna writhe in filth
we can burn this place down
(now what the fuck are you gonna do when the queers bash you?)
Track Name: grease trap
gender not specified
when you ask me what i am
i'll tell you what i am not
a receptacle for your ill intent
no, absolutely not
if you didn't wanna make a scene
why did you come to me?
a receptacle for your ill intent
is what you'd make me
i'm boiling
Track Name: i can't breathe
i cannot breathe
you're breaking me piece by piece
i could not see
you're fucking built to destroy me
fuck you
what am i to you?
a viscous tube to screw
bend over forward
just to be used
it's you're turn, bitch
for me to fuck you
Track Name: underneath
i don't want you to hold me
i want you below me
i don't want you to hold me
i want you underneath
(get on your fucking knees)
you think i took a beating all my life so that you can come along with your fucking moral compass to tell me that i was wrong?
Track Name: blacklisted
you asked me where my boyfriend was
and then cupped and played with my breast
i was incoherent so i guess that meant yes
i was passed out on the floor
i was incoherent dude you should've been a fucking friend
i was vulnerable
i was so vulnerable
and you forced your way in
(there's nothing left to say)
your slippery demeanor
scum of the earth
somebody tell me when you see him
blacklisted, baby
i don't wanna go outside
blacklisted baby
you'll eat your words and mine